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Makes complicated Logistics look Easy


We transport music, theatre and broadcast equipment in a world that is constantly moving, in a business where deadlines and on time is key to successes. Regardless of it is providing an ATA carnet, air freight, transport a small shipment on LCL or groupage, full container for ocean, a dedicated trailer, curtain sider trailers, we are your partner! 

With over 25 years of combined knowledge in this line of business, Creative Freight is in partnership with some of the best logistics networks for production equipment around the world so you can relax and feel safe that we will be there, on time, every time. 


To feel trust in your storage partner is vital, with us you will feel safe, knowing that we know what you store, we know that we pack and ship what you need us to ship. We can supply a cost-effective storage just under 30 minutes north of central Stockholm, so please feel free call us and see what we can do for you. And by the way, anyone working in the Stockholm live industry know’s that there is no warehouse is better than the one Tobbe is running. 

About us. 
The friendship, Jonas and Tobbe have, they have been like brothers since the first time they meet. The dynamics in this duo is a success that have gone off the charts. Jonas with the know-how on logistics, solutions, and Tobbe with his eye for details is a winning concept. 
 But when it comes to Jonas it’s a totally other thing, the man is a master of solutions, there is nothing that can’t be done if you ask him. His history in logistics is long, he been a tour truck driver for 20 years and been trained by Soundmoves (now a part of Rockit Global) for 3 years. Since he came back to Sweden 2013, he has been the appointed Swedish agent for most entertainment logistics networks around the globe, that just says it all!

 Tobbes passion is movie quotes, football (soccer) and spending time with his family, Work wise hes mind is like a hard drive, once it’s in he will never forget it. 
When Jonas has "some" free time, he prefer spends it with family playing Lego games on their XBOX, ski downhill, watching American football with his wife.
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